Online Web Based Solutions
  • Amadeus Selling Platform Connect (SECO)
    • This industry-leading Amadeus software increases productivity, requires no installation, and can be tailored to your specific needs for Air, Hotels, Cars ,Insurance & Rail!
    • Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is a professional booking and fulfilment platform that boasts a powerful set of core features needed to perform key booking tasks
    • Access any time and from any machine running Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers,Chrome,Safari simply using your credentials
    • Access & upgrades to all users instantly
    • Work with 8 tasks in parallel (4 PNRs & 4 Profiles )
    • Cryptic Magic allows staff exposed to different GDS to work easily on Amadeus
  • CMT Mobile Application
    • CMT mobile application: Amadeus Checkmy Trip is a travel itinerary service already used by over 3 million travelers per month.
    • The Mobile App allows Corporate Travellers on the move to check their Travel Details on their Mobile Device & any computer.
    • A choice of 23 languages to access PNRs, Itineraries, Destination Information like Country Guides, Maps, Weather Forecast, Dialing Codes, World Clock, Currency Exchange Rates, Subways Maps for major cities, Airline Online Check-In Website Links with associate Logo types for the convenience of the Corporate Traveller Post travel details on Facebook, download PDF itinerary , Add to Calendar.
  • Self Booking Tool (SBT)
    • Access to broadest selection of travel content with both Full Service and Low Cost Carriers
    • Provides 100% transparency of Fares & Availability to the Corporate (including Corporate & Web Fares)
    • Allows Post Travel Documents & details to be stored for analysis
    • Facilitates generation of extensive Reports & MIS to check Quality Compliance & Travel Costs
    • Automated Approval /Rejection process through Emails & Smartphones/ Tablets
    • Guest Bookings can be easily processed
  • Amadeus One Click
    • Shorten your process of finding traveller information, from conventional selling platform to interactive online tool (who is where) Promote your customer relationship by adding 'personal touch' in your services.
  • Web Based Itinerary Solution
    Automated itinerary Generation
    • With BirdRes Itinerary you can quickly and efficiently create a well-designed informative itinerary.
    • Fully web based, BirdRes itinerary simply makes itinerary management quick, smart and hassle- free.
    >Agency Branding
    • It allows you to incorporate your agency's logo and remarks into the itinerary and e-ticket template, making sure your agency's brand is always displayed to your customers.
    Archive all your itineraries and easy retrieval
    • The tools built- in archive feature enables you to search for saved itineraries by passenger name, PNR or ticket number.
    Customization of Displayed Information
    • It allows you to choose to display or hide the information required to be shown to your passengers.
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Specialised leisure content from a single platform, together with innovative customer focused technology, to make a real difference to your customers and your business.

Only Amadeus delivers a combination of both end-to-end process automation and global business partnership. We work in partnership with the world's leading consolidators.

Specialised leisure content from a single platform, together with innovative customer focused technology, to make a real difference to your customers & your business.

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