Distribution & Selling Interface
  • Amadeus Selling Platform Connect (SECO)
    • This industry-leading Amadeus software increases productivity, requires no installation, and can be tailored to your specific needs for Air, Hotels, Cars, Insurance & Rail!
    • Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is a professional booking and fulfillment platform that boast a powerful set of core features needed to perform key booking tasks.
    • Access the software any time and from any machine, running on Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers, Chrome, Safari simply using your credentials.
    • Access & upgrades are available to all users instantly.
    • Work simultaneously with 8 tasks running in parallel (4 PNRs & 4 Profiles).
    • Screen customization with widgets.
    • Cryptic Magic allows staff exposed to different GDS to work easily on Amadeus.
  • Amadeus Selling Platform (ASP)
    • This browser based on point-of-sale platform makes the sale of air & non-air content very easy, efficient & faster.
    • The multi-content desktop seamlessly allows integration of third party content (like LCCs, Indian Rail, Travel Insurance, Non GDS Hotel content, Cars, Rail Europe segments, B2B website content & much more) in Amadeus PNR.
    • Serve better by exceeding your customers' expectations with integrated customer profiles.
    •  Choose between graphic or cryptic interfaces, making it ideal for beginner or expert users.
    • Unique features include Smart Tabs, unlimited and multi-level Smart Keys, PNR Recall, Dual City pair availability, Non Homogenous PNR, ES entry to share PNR for only ticketing purpose, Live Chat with Amadeus Helpdesk to reduce phone calls & eliminate costs.
  • Self Booking Tool (SBT)
    • An advanced & cost-effective online Corporate Self Booking Tool called BirdRes SBT is a web based solution intended for Corporates who expect their travel management company to provide them with tools to control their Travel Cost. Access to broadest selection of travel content with both Full Service and Low Cost Carriers.
    • Provides 100% transparency of Fares & Availability to the Corporate (including Corporate & Web Fares) allows post travel documents & details to be stored for analysis.
    • Integration with 3rd party ERPs like SAP & Oracle available.
    • Automated Approval /Rejection process through Emails & Smartphones/ Tablets.
    • Multi level approval process to do away with all paper & admin process.
    • Guest bookings can be easily processed.
  • Mobile Selling Platform (MSP)
    • Designed for the B2B World of travel consultants familiar with amadeus entries.
    • Mobile Selling (MSP) Access enables users to enter cryptic command, giving instant access to a world of travel content including Air, Car, hotel, profile, Fare, Ticket Documents, Queues and more.
    • Mobile application available on iTunes & google play
  • Amadeus Cytric
    • Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense is an agile, integrated solution to control your corporation travel programme – while simplifying the user experience. Backed by the unparalleled content, technology and expertise of Amadeus, cytric T&E is just what travel and finance managers need to make the leap into optimised travel processes.
  • BirdRes IBE (B2C)
    • Birdres IBE is an onlight flight search & booking portal which uses Amadeus GDS content through Webservices & Masterpricer.
    • End Users have an intuitive Graphical user Interface to seach & book travel requirements . BirdRes IBE portal facilitates full back office & admin operations.
    • It provides the lowest fares for both Full Service Carriers & LCCs. It has various flexible Form of Payment like Online Credit/Debit Cards.
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Specialised leisure content from a single platform, together with innovative customer focused technology, to make a real difference to your customers and your business.

Only Amadeus delivers a combination of both end-to-end process automation and global business partnership. We work in partnership with the world's leading consolidators.

Specialised leisure content from a single platform, together with innovative customer focused technology, to make a real difference to your customers & your business.

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